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Ci vues et baum?   
07:10pm 11/10/2006
mood: anthropic
Just found the bill I owed the hospital for walk in care... after it sitting around for a whole month :<. $174 of money I just payed, and hopefully no late charges, just for walking in and being looked at by some nurse before being sent off to get meds and a referal to a dentist.
Whatever... This just reiterates how badly I need a job, since my loan money has come below the amount for next semester's tuition.

Other than that nothing much new happening, brother staying over due to kidney stones and needs the kids being watched more just in case and stuff.

Aid me.... Only 2 have me

In Evil's Stars Evil Clutches   
11:28pm 08/10/2006
mood: Dubious
Such a new beginning for my blog, or whatever. Trying something new out of boredom and lazyness.

News: Going to college, going fine. Everything is pretty damn easy, except saving up money. Trying to find a job, applied at Dunkin' Donuts that was hiring. Money's money I guess.

Other than that nothing much else is going on, long weekend due to Ben Franklin Day, or Columbus. Whatever :P

Aid me.... Only 1 have me